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Compared to memories based on CMOS transistors, STT-MRAMs have zero static power consumption due to the non-volatile property of its basic component Magnetic tunnel junction (MTJ). However, the critical current required for the switching of magnetic resistance state generally range from dozens to a few hundred micro amps, resulting in relatively high dynamic power consumption. Besides, it is necessary to use transistors with relatively large size to provide sufficient current drive capability for STT-MRAM, which hinders the technology node scaling of STT-MRAM. The basic structure of VCMA-MTJ is sandwich structure with Ferromagnetic Layer/Oxide Layer/Ferromagnetic Layer. In this model, we use the common structure consisting of CoFeB(1.4)/MgO(1.4)/CoFeB(1.1) (numbers are nominal thicknesses in nanometers). This model solves magnetization state of MTJ’s free layer in the time domain differential form according to part of experimental parameters, classical LLG equation and corresponding magnetic resistance model of MTJ etc.

By W. Kang1, Y. Ran1, W. S. Zhao1

1. Spintronics Interdisciplinary Center, Beihang University, Beijing 100191, China

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